Abstract of the project

The objective of the project is to develop a portion of a bigger idea, which is a system for the detection and the report of the mines present in a certain area. The implementation of the idea consists in a drone that through a particualr radar scans the ground and reports the results to a remote server, which will display a map of the area colored by the probability of the presence of a mine.

Our project consists on the development of a system that handles the presentation, the transmission and localization of the data collected with this radar.

Introductory video

Theory and starting point

Informations about where the project starts and some thoery concepts of the GPS system.

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Description of the hardware components, the firmware of Arduino and the software used to show the map figure.

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Photo and videos of the simulation of the project: test of the functionalities, flight of the drone, transmission e reception of data, live plotting of the map

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Behind the scene

Photos and videos of the phase of costruction and simulation of the project

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Future developments

Encountered problems and future developments

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Polytechnic department of engineering and architecture

Università degli Studi di Udine