Component Description
Arduino DueArduino Due Arduino Due is the CPU used to execute the main code of both the transmitter and receiver
PhotodiodePhotodiode The photodiode is the device responsible for the acquisition of the light and the conversion of it into a current which can be used to extract the information associated to it
LED (Light Emitting Diode)LED The LED is used to convert the digital data outputted by the Arduino into visible light which is in turn captured by the photodiode on the receiving end
Operational Amplifier OpAmp The Operational Amplifier (OpAmp) is responsible for the conversion of the current generated by the photodiode into a voltage whi can be easily read by the receiving Arduino
Integrated Hex Inverters 74HC04 HexInv These logical inverters are used to provide a better shaped input signal to Arduino, this way the signal is more immune to the noise in a neighbourhood of the logical threshold corresponding to the reading of the Arduino