Always in touch

By constantly monitoring data remotely you can keep an eye on your crops while doing other activities or from the comfort of your home.

Strengths of LoRa

Unlike Bluetooth based solutions, it is possible to transmit at much greater distances, in the order of kilometres, without the subscription costs of other long-range mobile-based solutions.

Saving resourses

Controlling soil moisture saves water and resources by irrigating only when necessary.

Explore the opportunities that LoRa can give you

LoRa Technology

Brief summary about LoRa technology, its state of the art, features and requirements.

Node-Red Implementation

In this part we will discuss about our Gateway and its shield, how our Smart-Agriculture Dashboard works and the python script that we used.


Here we will talk about the security implementation that we used for our project, particularly from user level, namely Node-Red Security and External Access.

Future Developments

This section contains some hints for possible upgrades of our prototype.


Quick overview of the sensors used and visualizations of the data obtained.


Hardware, libraries and optimization software used in the modules that will be deployed in the fields.