Welcome to Virtual Piano Website!

We are a team of students of Electrical Engineering at the University of Udine.
Our virtual piano is the result of a project we have developed during the course Didactic Laboratory of Information Engineering, taught by Prof. Riccardo Bernardini.

Our virtual piano

What is it?

The virtual piano is a fake, drawn keyboard, without real keys or hammers. To play it, you move across the keyboard a sound source that emits ultrasounds, which are detected by a special receiver fixed next to the keyboard. From the time of flight of the sound wave, we estimate the distance between transmitter and receiver, determining the position of the transmitter itself and generating the note related to the corresponding key.

What you can find in this website:

  • the story of how we developed the project and how we got to the final implementation;
  • the structure and characteristics of the project, in its hardware and firmware aspects;
  • photos and videos that show the virtual piano functioning;
  • documentation, datasheets and programs to download;
  • information about us and how to contact us.